Beyond Birth Class

Over the last heart-wrenching year I’ve been truly moved by how new families are coping in the lockdown. 

We ran our breastfeeding support groups at The Baby Room as much as we could, as safely as we could fitting around homeschooling, zoom calls and dodging the dreaded Covid-19.

With each passing week, month and then year I have struggled with my own families mental health, the worry of what lay ahead, the restrictions and the way that my children’s lives were changed.

Nappuccino has changed from a buzzy chatty mash up of warmth to a sparse open space with only the bare minimum of mums, tears flowed, hugs were not available and I felt like I should do more….something wasn’t right!… enter Beyond Birth and The Mama Coach – Sophie Burch

Beyond Birth

The group is about mental wellbeing for early parenting and aims to give you new skills to improve your ability to cope with all that your parenting journey throws at you. 

Over the six weeks we’ll explore our feelings, how we transition into parenthood and what matrescence means (go on google it)

We will cover 





Healing and Recovery

Transformations and much more


The Baby Room is the perfect venue for Beyond Birth. I’m a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and am studying for my Mindful Breastfeeding Training certificate. 

It’s £55 for the 6 weeks, we will cover 6 themes in order. There is a maximum of 5 spaces at each session, numbers are low so we can hold space for one another and really focus on ourselves as parents.

Refreshments are provided. (obvs! there is always cake at The Baby Room)

Sophie’s training has provided me with the confidence to run this course, I feel it’s the missing link just now – I hope you do too.

Please contact me if you have any questions. 

Jen x


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