PopInShop - Monday to Saturday 9.30 - 4pm

PopInShop is here for you! 

Jen is our Nappy Advisor and hosts the Monday and Friday session and Gillian is our expert sling consultant and hosts the Tuesday and Thursday ones. We are both here for Nappuccino on a Wednesday and we take it in turn to open on a Saturday.  

However Jen carried her girls in various slings and carriers and has done a Peer Supporter Course so is qualified to help you .
Gill has cloth nappied her 3 babies and can help you with her experience in tow. We are essentially two halves of a brilliant combo!

We offer breastfeeding peer support at PopInShop, you can come and hang out on Jens famous ‘5 week sofa’… no need to book, please just come!

Here is my YouTube instruction video! on how to use the free nappy trial kit.

At our  PopInShop you can buy ….

  • Cloth nappies and wipes
  • Washable and reuseable menstrual products
  • Slings and carriers
  • Wetbags, Potties, Trainer pants and seats
  • Buckets
  • Birthday Cards and gifts
  • Local homemade soaps, crafts and clothing
  • Preloved Maternity and nursing clothes
  • Preloved Breastpumps, Nipple sheilds and cold compresses
  • and loads more!

You can hire….

  • Tens Machine
  • Birth pool
  • Towels
  • Newborn nappy kit
  • Birth Balls
  • Slings and carriers
  • Books

The kettle is always on, you can stay and feed your baby, change your baby, warm a bottle and rest up for as long as you need

No need to make an appointment, there is always someone to help you. 

The Devon Real Nappy Project Trial Nappy Kit

We love helping you use cloth nappies and slings!