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“Where are the best Parent and Toddler Groups in Exeter?”


The directory you’ve all been waiting for: listed by day to make life REALLY easy. Just head to the playgroups section to see what’s happening, at what time, and where – in Exeter today!

I’ve tried, tested and reviewed all the playgroups and toddler groups I could find in Exeter, so you can get an idea of what to expect before you go.

All groups are in Exeter, some are tricky to find (but are amazing when you get there) so I have included a map to each group.

If you’re looking for Breastfeeding Support Groups click here, there are lots of friendly support groups in Exeter where you can ask questions and get help if you need it – again, I’ve done the legwork for you so that you’re free to quickly get help.

If you’re new to Exeter (or this motherhood thang) you’ll need my review of the best baby change facilities. There are some well hidden ones which are good to know about if you’re ever caught out by one of ‘those’ nappy explosions! 

I’m also Exeter’s Independent Real Nappy Advisor, I’m very proud to be a Real Nappy Mum, If you like you can borrow a cloth nappy trial kit from me and ‘try before you buy’ or come along to one of my Nappuccinos to ask questions and to find out just how easy it is to use ‘Real Nappies’. Enjoy the site!

Jen    xxx

Jen Harris: Founder, Exeter Babies