Sing & Sign

New to The Baby Room!

Sing and Sign classes were recently voted ‘The Best Pre-school Class in the South of Devon for 0-3 year olds’. Natalie Findlow has been running classes in East Devon since 2019 and loves every minute of it!


Sing and Sign’s program teaches parents how to use sign language with their baby.  This can help them to communicate before they can speak, relieving frustrations for both baby and parent.   The parents learn the baby signs through music and songs whilst their children enjoy the props, puppets and musical instruments. 

Using Sing and Sign encourages speech and can enhance early vocabulary and build self esteem. 

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The classes use music, singing, instruments and props to teach the signs. They are a fab way to meet other parents and are great fun for you and for baby!


Nat says that research has shown that at 14 months, children who have used signing have DOUBLE the vocabulary compared to those that haven’t.  This advantage continues to show itself through to school age where signers tend to have clearer speech and a wider vocabulary.  She is convinced this is because these children are given an interest in language at such an early age and the children see as well as hear the words repeatedly.


Many children stay in the Sing and Sign programme for 2+ years.  Nat loves to see them progress from tiny babies to fully fledged walking, talking toddlers who still enjoy singing and signing her songs!

There are several different classes, Babes, Stage 1 and Stage 2, these cater for pre 6 month old babes right through to toddlers –  but have a look on the website for more information and how to choose which class is right for you and your child.

Sing & Sign