Check out my tried and tested Saturday Playgroups!

Here you will find times, cost, details about the group and what to expect, plus directions and contact details. You’re welcome!

The Baby Room - Drop In

Time: 9.30am – 4pm Monday to Saturday

Cost: £donations welcome

New families with non mobile babies are welcome to just come all day to The Baby Room for support, whether that’s with Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, a hug, or for a friendly natter! Worried about something and need to chat it through?

We are a safe space for you and your baby. Run by experienced Breastfeeding Peer Supporters we are here for you. Drop in – no need to book. 

Of course this IS the place to come for slings, cloth nappies and all that jazz but we have loads more too.

A ground floor baby change and bathroom, sofas for hanging out and meeting others, refreshments and a bolt hole for when you need us. 

You can hire stuff from here too, breastpumps, slings, books, nappy kits, feeding pillows, TENS machines and more! 

Come to find out about the fab range of groups upstairs in the studio.

Jen 07886626093 or our Facebook page 

Dads and tiny tots. Belmont Hut

Time: 10.30– 12noon every 2nd Saturday 

Cost: £3

There is so much space! 

This is brilliant group for Dads and their little ones. There is tea and cake and toys. There is chat about the highs and lows of fatherhood and tips and Peer to Peer support. Newtown Community Centre is in the middle of Belmont Park, there is plenty to do, both inside and out. Come along, we would love to meet you.

There are rumours of pub meet ups (obvs without kids!) 

Stephen Maher

New Dads at The Baby Room

Time: 10 – 12 noon. 1st Saturday of the month

Cost: £3

We know how much new Dads need support too. 

No agenda, just chat and coffee, peer to peer support.

It’s for pre mobile babies as there are teeny tiny new babies here. 

Mums can come and drop Dads and babies off, or feed on the sofas and then head off for a shop, swim, coffee or quiet sit in the park knowing they are a phone call away.

Dad’s talk about anything and everything – I know because I’m often there on the fringes, helping out where necessary, they are such a lovely group of Dads, I feel  I should have at least found a beard to wear! 

It’s truly lovely to listen them chat through their worries, give each other support and generally reassure each other in their new found Dad role.

Jen 07886626093

New Dads

Men and Toddlers, Belmont Chapel, Western Way, Exeter

Time: 10:00am -11:30am Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month

Cost: £1.50

Adam emailed me and said…

“I’ve been to the men and toddlers group at Belmont chapel today with my son thought I would share my experience. 

The group was in a large hall that had 2 climbing frames one big and one small for the children there was also lots of push along trikes and scooters and there is a car for the little ones to play with. 

There is a free play session where the dads can have a chat (all people present were very welcoming and friendly) then there is a small craft activity and a big sing song followed juice and fruit or tea coffee and biscuits, it was a great experience and my son had a great time.” 

Thanks Adam! xx Jen

Amy Davis 01392 258029