Hire a set of Newborn Nappies

This fabulous kit of nappies is designed to let you hit the ground running.

So some babies are big and some are small….’Normal’ Birth to Potty nappies are designed to fit until your baby is 2 years old, so sometimes new ‘ickle’ babies can almost get lost in the fabric designed to last them for the next few years.

These Newborn Kits fits from 5 to 10/12lbs.

There are enough nappies in the kit to replace those disposables filling up your bin! You can have them close to your due date and until they no longer fit, usually a few weeks later.

I’ve included paper nappy liners, a wetbag for outings and a bucket….everything you need!

£8 per week for fitted nappies or £5 for flat nappies.

Contact me to book your nappies….