Hire a set of Newborn Nappies

Hire a fabulous kit of cloth nappies, designed to let you hit the ground running.

So some babies are big and some are small….’Normal’ Birth to Potty nappies are designed to fit until your baby is 2 years old, so sometimes new ‘ickle’ babies can almost get lost in the fabric designed to last them for the next few years, it’s all a bit ‘much’.

These Newborn sized nappy kits fit from tiny newborn to around 10lbs. Flat Terries and Muslins will even go up to 12lbs!

There are enough nappies in each kit to replace those disposables filling up your bin! You can have them close to your due date and until they no longer fit, usually a few weeks later. 

I’ve included a free roll of paper nappy liners, wipes, laundry mesh a wetbag for outings and a bucket….everything you need!

£8 per week.

Contact me to book your nappies….

Everything you need to use Newborn pop ins. 

This kit is £8 per week.

It comes with a bucket, mesh, cloth wipes x 10 and paper liners. 

There are 20 nappies covers and 30 boosters. 

Here I am on YouTube explaining how it works… 

Tots Bots Nappies rock, they used to call this the Peenut kit but had a rethink and now it’s the Newborn Bamboozle.

This kit comes with a bucket, mesh, cloth wipes and paper liners.

There are about 12 covers and 20 boosters.

Here I am on YouTube explaining it…. 

I love terries! Super fast to dry and fits any baby. It’s so much cheaper than disposable nappies. The original fluffy nappy – but smaller.

My kit has about 25 tiny terries, 8 covers a bucket, paper liners and a laundry mesh.

Here I am on YouTube explaining it….

Yup just muslins! Who knew, fastest to dry, by far! Everyone should do this.

They fit all babies so well and yes, ok you have to fold them, but at £8 pw this really is a no brainer. I’ll show you as many times as you like how to fold them, let you have my top tips for sculpting the fabric nicely and how to avoid getting competitive with your partner about who is the best at folding! 

I’m working on a YouTube video but if you want to you can google the ‘Origami Fold’ or fold for a newborn – but I warn you there are some AWFUL videos!