Nappuccino: the melting pot of helpfulness for mums!

Nappuccino is a regular event at the Exeter Baby Room – a mixture of Cloth Nappies, Exeter Sling Library, Bra Fitting and Breastfeeding Peer Support with generous helpings of tea and cake!

During Covid-19 we are running 3 sessions every Wednesday and the odd Tuesday 9.30-11, 11.30-1 and 1.30-3. We can have 6 pods of family bubbles in the room. 

 *PLEASE NOTE: to accommodate for ‘Contact Tracing’ during the pandemic, THE EVENT IS NO LONGER ‘DROP-IN’ STYLE. You can read more information, and book a time slot here.

Ask Jen about ‘Cave Girl’ and why we should all have our PJ’s on! 

It costs £3 per adult to come to our group: we have homemade cakes and biscuits, Tea, Coffee, Decaffs and Fruit teas.

24/7 help?…. Join our Facebook group Nappuccino and join in the fun online….

Hope to see you there!

Jen  x

Upcoming Events

COVID-19 NEWS: May 2021

We’re VERY excited to be back in The Baby Room and can now offer online booking of Nappuccino, Cranbabies and WestofExe!

Come and see….

There are many fabulous nappy brands out there – I stock Tots Bots, Close Parent, Wonderoo, Nature Babies, Terries, Little Lambs, and a few more!! 

Come and look at the difference between them all and ask all those questions you’re scared to ask on line…..’what about poo?’…..’whats a wrap?’….’why do I need breastpads?’ (and my favourite)…. ‘…but don’t Pandas eat bamboo….?’. So come along and fondle the fluff and you’ll be SO much more likely to make the switch to cloth.

I look after the beautiful Devon Real Nappy Project trial kits, they are a fabulous way of bringing washable nappies into your life gently, there are around 12 nappies in each kit showcasing the most popular brands and types, you can take them home for a month to see which one you like the most! They come with full instructions, support and a free demo from me on how to use them. You can hire newborn nappies too, find out more here….

At Nappuccino I sell nappies, paper liners, buckets, breastpads, cloth wipes, waterproof wraps and loads more. I sell washable sanitary products too, Mooncup, EcoFemme, Honour your Flow, Bloom and Nora and EarthWise pads.

Exeter Sling Library lives here….

Gill runs Exeter Sling Library – she is trained to give advice on how to carry your baby safely, you can borrow a variety of slings, stretchy, woven, buckles, MeiTai etc She will help you put the sling on and show you what’s what! Gill sells slings too so using the library is a great way to try before you buy.

Jemma is our resident Bra Fitter – we have a private fitting area where you can discreetly get fitted for maternity and nursing bras. Jem is not at every Nappuccino so check Facebook for her dates.

Gill and I are both experienced Breastfeeding Peer Supporters we are part of a huge team so other lovely BFPS pop in and help out too from time to time to help out – please talk to us about anything boob related!! We wear a pink badge so that we can be spotted in the group!


Meet the Nappuccino Gals

Jen Harris
Founder of Exeter Babies

Gill Travis
Exeter Sling Library

Regular Features at Nappuccino:

We Rotate Some Seriously Lovely Guests:

The Nappy Trail Kits are funded by the Devon Real Nappy Project I have 10 trial nappy kits for people to use at home. The kits contain everything you need to try real nappies. Lots of different fabrics and shapes, a bucket, cloth wipes, wet bags and some paper liners. You really can try before you buy!

Breastfeeding Peer Support

Breastfeeding Peer supporters are always on hand at Nappuccino – get the help you need!

Mama Gems Bra Co.  

Mama Gems Bra Co. is the bra lady and is here to help!

Hypnobirthing Pro

Libby is our Hypnobirthing pro. She is also a Homeopath and one of those ‘wise women’ Here is her website  

Postnatal Recovery

Wendy is our Pelvic Floor lady, she’s here to help you get your body prepared for birth and recover afterwards – no more ‘sneezy pees’ as she puts it! Find out more here…

When and Where is Nappuccino?

The Baby Room, Ladysmith Infant School, Ladysmith Road, EX1 2PS 

Every Wednesday 9.30 – 2.30

Every Friday 12-2.30

There are more detailed directions to The Baby Room here…