Gift Vouchers

Fancy buying someone a super new baby gift? Stuck for what to buy a new family for Christmas? Look no further!

Lets not clog up the planet with anymore plastic toys, baby gros or smelly bath stuff (babies want mums to smell like mums not a vanilla farm!) if you really love some one get them a voucher for something at The Baby Room – cloth nappies, wipes, a Beyond Birth group, bras or a newborn nappy hire pack.

Having a collection at work for a colleague? No idea what you need when you’re a new mum….? This is truly the answer.

Add multiples of £10 to achieve the required amount.


Gift Vouchers


Please add multiples of vouchers to achieve the required amount.

Vouchers are valid for one year from date of purchase and are each serial numbered.

Vouchers are issued by post, please include a postal address at the checkout.