New Baby Matters

Let me introduce you to Therese and New Baby Matters.

Her passion is to help you become the best parent you can be by preparing you for life with your baby. 

She runs a range of classes which cover a broad spectrum of topics…and it’s not just for first time parents – there is a unique class for second time parents too.

Therese knows that it’s confidence which most parents struggle with, her professional but warm manner will help you as you learn new skills. 

It’s rare to find classes with such a strong postnatal focus – the changes we go through on our journey into parenthood affect us in such varied ways.

There are a range of classes, all classes are held in St Leonards Medical Practice on Athelstan Road….here are the times and dates. You’re entitled to time off work to attend antenatal classes so get away from that desk and go and meet Therese! 


So what’s on offer…?

Newborn Baby Care
Pregnancy Nutrition
Safe Baby
Baby Sleep and Routine
Postnatal Maternal Health
Nutrition and Weaning
Second Baby


Having people around you when you become a new parent is so important. Meeting new friends who are on this crazy new journey is so vital, New Baby Matters use an app to help you with creating your community, connecting you with other people who have attended courses.

Get in touch with the team at New Baby Matters via their website, email or on 07962990543