Some frequently asked questions...

I’ve been a Nappy Advisor now for over 10 years, I love what I do – so rewarding!

People are often blown away by The Baby Room and how it all works, they cant believe what we do and the support we give, I often get asked these questions so I thought I’d write them up….

I wish! The Devon Real Nappy Project (DRNP) never employed anyone and since the government cut our meagre funding in 2016 to almost £0, it exists as a search/filter only.
Devon’s nappy advisors are all volunteers. The Don’t let Devon Go To Waste teams at Devon County Council and Exeter City Council are fab and help us where they can, but really you can blame the government for lack of funding. 

Denis the Dustcart is right behind us as he doesn’t want to be dealing with single use nappies in his lovely dustcarts. 

I’m responsible for keeping the kits up to date but have only a tiny budget for this.

No, quite the opposite, Gill and I rent The Baby Room off Ladysmith Infant School. The admin team at school are really amazing and help us no end, they are keen to help new families too so we make great pals! It’s not cheap but we make ends meet.

We charge group leaders to run their groups and rent the room out to keep it going, we are always fundraising! Every time you come to an event, put your £1.50 in the jar, borrow a book, buy a £3 bra you are helping us. The Baby Room itself is a Not For Profit venue. We rent out the shelves to other WAHM’s (work at home mums) who are running little businesses so we can help them too.

No , the government made huge cuts to the Children’s Centres in 2016, any paid members of breastfeeding support staff were made redundant and all ‘universal’ groups were axed.
As a volunteer Breastfeeding Peer Supporters (BFPS) we now have to pay for our update training and new BFPS have to pay for their initial training. We have no-one official looking after us so we are self sufficient, I personally insure all Exeter BFPS so we are safe to continue helping you.
We look after the breastpumps but any funds go back into their maintenance. 

So the DRNP used to give parents money to switch to cloth nappies once they had a trial kit. After the cuts I worked out how to sell on donated nappies to new families and created ERNI. It’s hard work and I do a lot of schlepping preloved nappies around. 

Nappies I can’t sell I send to Malawi where there are orphanages and children have no nappies at all or Buburi where new mothers receive a ‘safe birth pack’ which contains gloves, cord clamp and a few nappies. 

Please consider donating unwanted cloth nappies to ERNI.

I only get paid when I sell or hire anything. Gill is the same. We run our businesses from The Baby Room.  We buy large quantities of nappies and slings at wholesale and pass on the best prices we can to you, all whilst offering free support and guidance.

We are truly passionate about what we do, we love supporting new families on their journeys. For me it’s also about reducing our dependency on single use plastics, nappies should be top of the list when people think of ‘single use’ items but instead straws have made it to the top spot. I’m also about saving you money, the cost of single use nappies is over £1000 per child. Washable will cost you £300ish for all your children! 


The long and short of it is to shop local, support your local Nappy advisor, sling lady etc.
We love helping people – please help us to help others by buying from us (especially if we’ve answered all your questions, fed and watered you and given you our time)

Jen xxx