The Baby Room

The Baby Room is closed because of Covid-19 restrictions. Gill and I are working from home answering enquiries, hiring nappy kits,  slings and breastpumps. 

I emptied as much as I could into my tiny home office so if you need anything I’ve probably got it here. Please just ask.

We cant wait to get back to hosting Nappuccino, I’m really missing it – I have been running it for over 10 years and it’s really part of my life – feel like I’ve lost a limb….

At the baby room we have an army of Breastfeeding Peer Supporters who come and help at many of the sessions but if you need us during lockdown head to the Facebook page.

All the breastfeeding groups are closed too. You can still hire a breast pump if you need one. Create a hire account here

Stay safe people, see you soon 
Jen and Gill xx

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You can also access some refills at The Baby Room, I stock a few ‘Faith In Nature’ and ‘BioD’ products, bring a bottle and cut down the amount of plastic you’re using. Talk to me about food waste too if you like – I’m an Exeter City Council Food Waste Advisor.

We have a selection of Work at Home Mum shelves for you to peruse, we sell Birthday Cards, teething necklaces, Soaps by Soap Daze, Blade and Rose leggings, Loofa products and Wooden Instruments.

We look after 8 hireable breastpumps too! 

Our library is a useful resource of pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting books. It costs £1 to borrow a book.

If you have any questions about booking the space for your class or workshop please get in touch.

Enjoy! (we do!)