Where to change your baby in Exeter City Centre.

I have personally reviewed all the following baby change areas on and around the High St and Princesshay, some are amazing, some are not!

John Lewis

The baby change is on the top floor by the cafe.

The Good Points: hmmmm… It’s by the cafe?…erm…

The Bad Points: It’s not very big, just a disabled toilet with a drop down change unit. Be warned ‘VERY NOISY HAND DRYERS’ There is a fab feeding room though! A great place to retreat to go and feed your baby in if you’re not happy feeding in public yet. Although when I popped my head in there was a lady changing a very smelly nappy in there so the whole room stank! The bins were overflowing in the change room and it was only 11am – I know it’s very busy in the shop but seriously a full nappy bin at 11am? Humph. Come on JL pull your socks up!!

Exeter Babies Rating: 1/5


The Good Points: A social gathering! It’s the friendliest place to change and feed. I have had some lovely chit chats with mums! It’s always clean. There is a bottle warmer and a low comfy bench on which to breastfeed. Staff are friendly and seem on hand often popping in to speak to a customer.

The Bad Points: I always end up buying something! – No loo. It gets abused on a busy day, staff are heroes for trying to keep it clean.

Exeter Babies Rating: 5/5

The Guildhall (next to the Animal Shop)

The Good Points: Its very handy! Again you have to press a buzzer and someone lets you in, so its secure. There are no lifts or stairs involved just one door! Its bright and clean and not smelly! There is a toilet for mums too! Great as you can fit the pushchair in the loo with you.

The Bad Points: there are a few panes of glass missing making it VERY cold (I went in January just after the snow) The baby change table is a fold down plastic one which seemed very small for a 2 year old – I was nervous lying her on it and her legs were hanging off the end! But over all not bad at all!

Exeter Babies Rating: 4/5

City Centre Public Toilet (Opposite Pandora by the outdoor cafe)

The Good Points: An unlikely favourite of mine, there is a security system on the door, so to get in you have to press a buzzer and speak to a security guard, I’ve no-idea where this person is but he can see you on his camera and let you in. I feel safe in there.
It’s enormous in there! There are hoists and lifting equipment for those with disabilities but also a baby change unit. It’s lovely and warm and tucked away.  

The Bad Points:  Basic and a bit clinical but not bad for public loos. Tight access.

Top Tip! – Press the green button to get out!

Exeter Babies Rating: 5/5


The Good Points: Bright and clean, there are 2 changing areas – One Mother and baby room and one family bathroom, both are spacious and often have music playing. There are 2 loos in the family bathroom and an armchair for granny! The paper change mats are always full and there are always paper towels available. Nice big mirror.

The Bad Points: The bins are often a bit on the smelly side and if you sit and breast feed in the M&B room you are sat under an air freshener which squirts you with fragrance every five minutes! Very busy! – No loo in the M&B room.
Top Tip! Real nappy mums use the family bathroom as there is a handy loo. Also if you use the loo nearest the sink you can’t reach the loo roll!!!

Exeter Babies Rating: 3/5

Marks and Spencer

The Good Points: its central, clean and tidy. My previous review slammed this facility with only a 2/5. Happy to report a vast improvement! Smells much better now.

The Bad Points: Right upstairs, in the corner of the menswear department. 

Exeter Babies Rating: 4/5

Tesco Exvale

The Good Points: You can pop in there mid shop and lock your shopping in the special areas, it’s bright and clean but sadly not the haven it once was, there used to be free nappies available but now if you’re stuck you can ask at customers services and they will give you a free nappy.

The Bad Points: No loo in the change area and never any hand towels.

Exeter Babies Rating: 3/5

House of Frazer

The Good Points: Right in the heart of the city. There are two change units in the shop, one on the first floor and a dedicated change room in the basement. The basement one is not massive but secluded and quiet, clean and tidy. Take the lift to the ground floor (ignore the signage on the lifts)

The Bad Points: Confusing signage had me walking all over the shop! The lift doesn’t go to the  women’s toilets so you’re bumping down steps to reach it. The unit in the main women’s toilets is in the main bathroom area, nowhere to hide away and spread out, you’re really on display, if you are a new mum this will terrify you! (Head to the basement!)

Exeter Babies Rating: 4/5