Want to lose that pesky baby weight?


My pal Trudi is running a unique brand of exercise classes. The large airy studio Trudi uses is at Ocean Physio + Rehab its perfect for mum’s to complete a fat-burning and toning exercise class.

The excercise classes are very unique…. it’s a circuit format (because then, everyone is doing something different at the same time). Trudi then combines interval and peripheral heart action training to maximise the calories you burn, and those that you do burn, will come largely from your stored body fat.

Please try ‘google-ing’ these terms for the science behind why this is the best way to burn fat (-v- lean muscle/amino acids).

  • ‘Interval Training’ is a type of physical training that involves alternating bursts of medium to high intensity exercise, with periods of rest or low activity. It is also seen by professionals as the most effective method of burning off fat.
  • ‘Peripheral Heart Action Training’ burns fat and tones muscles by working the upper and lower body alternatively, using resistance training. What does this means? Two workouts in the time of one and twice the results!

The class is on Tuesday evenings at 6.40pm and 7.50pm, classes are £4.50. The studio is within Ocean Physio + Rehab Centre; a purpose built barn conversion in Woodbury Business Park. It may sound far away, but really it’s not, just 3 miles from Topsham, and only 17 minutes by car from the west side of Exeter. And honestly, this is worth travelling for, there is nothing like this anywhere else!

The classes have limited spaces so please call Trudi to book.

If she gets enough interest she will be able to add more classes on other days, so if you may be interested but cannot make Tuesdays, please let her know.

If you have never been to one of Trudi’s classes, your first class is absolutely free… so what do you have to loose?

Thereafter, the cost is £4.50 per session

Want to do Zumba on a Sunday night?

Trudi is now a qualified Zumba instructor, there are two classes on a Sunday night 6pm and 7.30pm in Mathews Hall, Topsham, £4 per class but first class is free, come and shake your stuff!!!

If you would like to find out more please give her a call on 07816 781326 or email info@oceanphysio.com