A woman's body is designed to give birth safely


The classes run by the Birthwise team help inspire confidence in your body’s wisdom and ability to give birth instinctively, whether at home or in hospital, by providing you with the relevant tools and knowledge to prepare you for this life-changing event.

Its a calm and friendly environment with a chance to ask questions – get an honest responce and to learn about your body in a relaxed and non clinical setting. I found the NHS classes formal and full of hospital ‘jargon’ – Patricias class was a breath of fresh air ‘ this is what my body is designed to do‘ was in my mind throughout my labour and (amazing!) water birth when I had Nancy. I firmly believe Patricas words were what kept me calm and confident whilst in a long labour with a whopping 9lb2oz baby!

The teachers at Birthwise, believe that the more trust and understanding we bring to the natural and extraordinary process of pregnancy and childbirth, the more positive, empowering and life-enhancing your experience can be.

With weekly classes, in Exeter and Newton Abbot, one day courses, therapies, post natal groups and one-to-one support, these classes ensure that you are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared, for the birth of your baby as well as better able, to embrace the challenges and rewards of parenthood.

Visit their website for times,locations and more information www.birthwise.net