Jen in the press!

I’ve done a few interviews in my time but this time Anita Merrit our hardworking reporter was really very interested… ‘Bamboo toothbrush? what do they look like?…..’ off I trot to show her..
We sat and nattered inside for a while, busting myths and putting the world to rights. Then we went outside and I showed her my compost on a cold February day and she took some photos and a short video in the freezing cold!

There are a couple of errors in the article- I never buy soup….I was talking about Baked Bean tins but somehow she wrote soup!
I love making soup,
Ben asks …’yummmm, what soup is this Jen?’
‘….erm….sad vegetable…’ I reply! You know, the wrinkly carrot, the sad looking leek which has grown another 6 inches in the fridge, an onion growing in the drawer! All perfectly edible just not winning ‘Best in Show’!

Here are some fab facebook groups for you to join, Exeter Journey to Zero Waste is truly inspiring, we are the 3rd best authority in the UK for our recycling rates, Denis the Dustcart is on hand to answer questions on what you can and cant include in the green bin. Compost Connections is helping people to link up, one heap at a time…. if you’ve got a compost heap could your neighbour use it?…

So look in your bin….what’s in there? could there be a washable alternative?….