Wednesday Nappuccino

August 2019 will see our 10 year Birthday!

10 Years of Nappy natter, trial kits and fluffy bums!

Nappuccino is THE best group in Devon. It’s such a melting pot of helpfulness! Gill is our sling lady, Jemma is our Bra Lady, I’m the nappy lady, we are all Breastfeeding Peer Supporters!

Come for a look at Cloth nappies, borrow a kit, hire a newborn kit, ask all those questions (I know you;re desperate to ask about Bamboo, pandas and poo!)

Hire a sling, watch Gill do a demo, get advice from a pro!

Weigh your baby, borrow a book.

Fill up your washing up, shampoo, conditioner or laundry liquid bottle.

Buy a book, buy a teething necklace, buy a pair of leggings!

Or just come and drink the tea, eat the cake and have a damn good time!

More info here…. 

Here are the directions on how to get in 

Date(s) - 12/08/2020
9:30 am - 2:30 pm

The Baby Room, Ladysmith Infants School

Exeter Babies Event Category