Good Places to Breastfeed in Exeter City Centre

Here are my suggestions…

I’ve breastfed both my girls, my first public breastfeeding outing was in a greasy spoon cafe on Exmouth sea front, I was totally petrified, I basically had a scarf over my head and my back to the room. I was so scared someone would ‘see’!! Now I know how easy it is to feed anywhere, but I’ll never forget the nervousness I first felt.

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Here are my suggestions for where to feed your baby in Exeter. Is there anywhere you like to feed? Share with us by commenting below!

International Breastfeeding Symbol Exeter Babies

Boston Tea Party

Ok so you cant get a buggy up the stairs….but if you are having a sling day out, Boston Tea Party is fab for feeding, there are sofas and the room is big enough for people not to notice (Staff will bring food to you and if you ask nicely coffee too)

The Phoenix

Super comfy sofas, friendly helpful staff, Loads of pushchair room


There is a family room with a padded bench, it’s warm and comfy with plenty of pushchair room.

John Lewis

Ok so the family room is small, often smelly but it’s there if you need it.

The RAMM (museum)

Breastfeeding Peer supporters were involved in the set up of the cafe in the museum, staff are aware of breastfeeding mothers and have been made aware of what our needs may be. I’ve never actually fed in there but plenty of people have and say it’s great.


I think the staff are made up of a bunch of lovely mums! They are just very family friendly. We always make a right mess and move everything about and they just seem happy to help!

Baby Oasis

Come to a group and have a natter, you don’t have to feed your baby – just come for a cuppa! Ask at the children’s centre.

St Sidwells Centre

Cheap cuppa, great grub and comfy sofas, support a local charity and people getting back into work.