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Meet Exeter Babies

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We are the dedicated mums who are here to help you!

I am Jen Harris, the Founder of Exeter Babies – I am a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, and I am Exeter’s Real Nappy Lady too! I set up Exeter Babies to help parents get the local support they need!

Jen Harris Exeter Babies and Nappuccino

I am Gill Travis, Exeter’s ‘Sling Lady’ I look after Exeter Sling Library – and I support Jen with Exeter Babies and her fab Nappuccino sessions – we are always on hand to help so get in touch!

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Welcome to Exeter Babies

Exeter is an amazing city, we are so lucky to live near the beach and the moor.

I’m passionate about parents, particularly breastfeeding mums. I believe that support is vital to us getting off on the right foot on our journey into motherhood, but it’s about finding it when you need it.

Cloth Nappies are the answer when it comes to diverting waste from landfill, keeping chemicals away from your baby and saving your families a fortune.

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